Hypnosis with Susan

Past Life Regression

​​​​​Allow yourself to move to positive energy and love and let go of negative emotions and energies .



This rejuvenating experience starts with a free consultation so you can outline specific issues you want to target in your session (think stop smoking,  anxiety, insomnia, weight loss, test improvement, memory improvement, self-confidence,  better relationships and more).


You will enjoy the soothing path to self-healing as you work through these concerns in a serene state and nurture new healthier habits. I will guide you into an hypnotic state where you are in control and will remember everything all the time being able to talk to me while remaining in this deeply relaxed state. This session uses positive hypnotic suggestion, healing visualizations regression to childhood and you will awaken renewed and refreshed while letting go of unwanted feelings and behaviors.

What is Past Life Regression Therapy and How it can Help you !


During your free consultation will will discuss whether you are a candidate for regression therapy. We are able to guide you through past experiences to help you lead a more positive and productive life allowing you to be your authentic self.​


When we discuss what happens in childhood or before we are born and or after we die, and also our possible future lives, we awaken from the constrictions of our past conditioning to release anxieties and fears. 


We will use a hypnotic regression and healing visualizations. You are always is control.


Group Monthly Past Life Regression Therapy-Last Wednesday of the Month 11am-12pm 60 minutes- Session $50 pp

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Join us! Whether you are a beginner or experienced in meditation it is beneficial to reach within and take time for Breathe in Positive energy & let go of Negative energy. Meditation in the Garden -Tuesday 12-12:30pm Weather Permitting $15

Healing, Progressive Relaxation & Guided Visual Meditation will be covered.

Poolside Meditation

A Simple Meditation

Take a  Moment to go inward and simply be:
Walk barefoot in the grass or sand.
Sit under the moon in the evening and listen to all of the sounds that fill the night.
Float in water looking at your toes sticking out of the water.
Swing in a hammock.
Close your eyes and imagine an inner water fountain.