Create the life you Desire through hypnotherapy

Let go of anxiety, insomnia, stress and fear

Create Confidence, Happiness & Joy!

Life Coaching

identify and set NEW goals for confidence in all aspects of your life...

you may combine therapies designing your own specialized program 




Essential oils may be added on to any session offered based on oil selection

 Infrared Sauna

helps with autism and adhd behaviors through detoxification in both children and adults

  Programs are available and can be customized to meet your needs

Bien Être Wellness Centre  was created in 2013 for your “Well” being and Holistic Health. My vision is creating an environment that supports positive energy and good health through alternative healing and complementary therapies. I am dedicated to “bringing light into lives”, through the services and products offered including workshops, classes and training. As its creator, it is my vision and great hope to help others live a more positive, purposeful, supported and joy-filled life.       BE Well,  Susan

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